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Map of Book of Mormon
as conceived by the
author of these web pages.
Click on the map image to
watch a 3D movie simulation of
the Land of Zarahemla based
on satellite imaging by DeLorme.
Blue pins show the course of
the river Sidon.
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Lawrence Poulsen's
Book of Mormon Geography
Tales from the Book of Mormon with a Geographic Twist
The purpose of this page is to take stories from the Book of
Mormon that may have been impacted by the geography and
discuss them in the context of the geography of Mesoamerica using
2 and 3 dimensional satellite maps of the area.
A comparison of the river Sidon, as referenced in the
Book of Mormon, to the Grijalva River found in Chiapas,
The river Sidon is mentioned 37 times in 28 different verses with
accompanying directional and geographic information related to at
least six different geographical locations.
Interpreting Directional Information
In the Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon contains over 500 scriptural references
related to directions and relative locations of the numerous
geographic entities mentioned in the Book of Mormon.
The Land of Zarahemla
A brief discussion about the geography of River Sidon and the Land
of Zarahemla
Ten Questions about the Book of Mormon
These are ten questions that I find important whenever one
evaluates or attempts to develop a geography of the Book of
A Little About Me

I am a Research Biochemist retired from the University of Texas. I am a fifth generation
member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I became interested in modern
Book of Mormon geography when Hauck fist published his book on Book of Mormon
geography and have since read many of the books published by Latter Day Saints. After
reading Clarks review of Hauck's book I took his suggestion to heart and have since searched
and studied the Book of Mormon to find out what it tells us about the geography of the Lands of
the Book of Mormon. In addition, I have access to the Benson Latin American Collection which
contains one of the largest collections of information about Mesoamerica and precolumbian
A proposal for the Land of Cumorah/Ramah
Google KMZ files
Analyzing “The Place Where the Sea Divides the Land”

and the “Great City” of the Jaredites